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Secret Wellness Retreat

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7 Secrets presents the ultimate spa experience featuring holistic signature treatments for complete physical, mental and spiritual renewal. Rejuvenation is the cornerstone of all treatments. By offering a comprehensive program list from facials and traditional Asian massage therapies to special detox diets, the Secret Spa will not rely on single hand-picked treatments but a regimen of healing procedures that will lead your body, mind and soul to a new sense of rejuvenation.

Led by highly skilled professional Asian Therapist with special training combining the best of both Asian and European procedures, the spa will truly become a center for wellbeing. Private and intimate, each treatment room will be surrounded by an ambiance of flowing water with views of a spectacular natural Asian landscape design. Be ready and wait for a complete spa program menu tailor made for whatever rejuvenation outcome your heart desires. By offering a comprehensive menu of uniquely designed programs, the Secret Spa aims to differentiate itself from any other Spa in Indonesia.

As you read about our programs, we welcome you to begin experiencing the individual transformation our guests will undergo once their own personal treatment program is completed.

  • Stress Recovering Treatment: This program is specifically designed to treat our guests from the side effects of high stress work environment.
  • DetoX Censing Program: Designed to purge the body from unhealthy food residues and the exposure to impurities in urban air. This signature program will be a key factor to achieve complete rejuvenation.
  • Balance & Harmony Program: Designed for couples, this program aims to give a great sense of peace and tranquility both individually and as a couple. It will involve a close balance of participation and treatments.

Culinary Arts

Along our white sandy beach are our stylish restaurants and bar. Both restaurants serve the finest masterpieces of French and Italian Mediterranean cuisine.

Secret Main Events

There are endless ways to be entertained, day or night at the 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat. We are proud to introduce a number of very special events throughout the year.