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Secret Main Events

pool and bar

Inspired by Luxury

There are endless ways to be entertained, day or night at the 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat. Our guests can enjoy the bays white-sandy beaches, shady divans, exceptional molecular cocktails all this while listening to our resident DJ by the pool.

When the sun goes down, the night is transformed into a magical place, where we present a theme cocktail according to the evening’s mood and inspiration. 7 Secrets is also proud to introduce a number of very special events throughout the year. Inspired by luxury events in St. Tropez and the French Riviera, here is a list of some themed events to be expected.

Inspiring activities and Themes

  • Secret Happy Hours
  • Themed Cocktail Parties
  • Special Dance Performances
  • Exclusive wine & champagne tasting
  • Martini Evenings
  • Moët Events with Oyster Tasting
  • Traditional Sasak Fighting show
  • Fashion Shows
  • Exclusive Fire Show
  • DJ Performances
  • Themed Island Celebrations


Lombok is now ready to welcome visitors who are willing to experience a taste of true local culture, tranquility and still enjoy features of modern conveniences.