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Menu & Secret Specialities

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Balanced Harmony of Flavors

Treat your tastebuds to a luxurious journey.

From Champagne sparkle to aromatic spices to decadent finishes.

7 Secrets gourmet destinations invite you to celebrate the world’s most exquisite tastes. Explore our restaurants and culinary highlights and reserve a night to remember. Or plan your next exotic escape, with new taste to explore throughout your stay.


Our menu is authentic sophisticated and exciting. Our kitchen is known for a number of rich and fresh ingredients with the intention of achieving a balanced harmony of flavors. Special ingredients needed to create the authentic taste of Mediterranean Cuisine are imported from Europe on a weekly basis.

These are just some of the unique efforts we will make to prepare the very best for our future guest.

  • Experience a luxurious lunch or a romantic candle-light dinner in one of our popular and magically-lit waterfront beach tables.
  • Have your suite set-up in a special manner by a personal butler to serve a romantic dinner on your private terrace.

Culinary Arts

Along our white sandy beach are our stylish restaurants and bar. Both restaurants serve the finest masterpieces of French and Italian Mediterranean cuisine.

Liquid Art

Our world-class mixology team serves our guests a symphony of taste sensations composed of sustainably grown fresh herbs and fruits combined with premium-quality spirits.