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8˚25’41.1”S • 116˚02’51.7”E

Nipah Bay
Bay Zoom
Waterfall 2
Rice Fields
Bay 2

Nipah Bay - Lombok – Indonesia

Long overshadowed by its neighbor across the Lombok Strait there is a steady hum about Lombok that catches the ear of travellers who are looking for something different than Bali. Blessed with exquisite white-sand beaches, epic surf, a lush forested interior and hiking trails through tobacco and rice fields, Lombok is fully loaded with equatorial allure.

Lombok is also home of Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia’s second-highest volcano; the summit is complete with hot springs and a dazzling crater lake.

The Island’s southern coastline is nature on a very grand scale with breathtaking turquoise bays, world-class surf breaks and massive headlands.

It’s been rumored that development on these splendid beaches is just around the corner. Sure enough local government has invested a substantial amount of funds for the development of local infrastructure and roads. This can be clearly seen on the way from the Airport to Nipah Bay were the 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat is located.

While maintaining an unadulterated charm unspoiled by mass-tourism, Lombok is now ready to welcome visitors who are willing to experience a taste of true local culture, tranquility and still enjoy features of modern conveniences.

The Resort

Private, Exclusive & Ultimate Luxury are just a few words needed to accurately describe the brand new all suite 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat.

Secret Main Events

There are endless ways to be entertained, day or night at the 7 Secrets Resort & Wellness Retreat. We are proud to introduce a number of very special events throughout the year.