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Guest Relations Services

Besakih Temple
Komodo Beach
Komodo Island National Park
Gili Trawangan
Borobudur Temple
Rinjani Vulcano
Rinjani National Park

Completely Personalized

This Service will offer our guest the opportunity to start their visit before arrival. A complete personalized itinerary created by a guest relations specialist will feature the following activities that can be organized and booked beforehand.

Luxury Helicopter Tours

These tours can include a wide range of local destinations such as the famous Gunung Rinjani Volcano, the Gili Islands or you can charter a Helicopter to take you to neighboring Islands such as Bali.

Luxury Catamaran

What better way to explore this magnificent Indian Ocean with over 27 individual exotic Islands than by chartering a private Catamaran. Each individual program can be designed specifically to the type of vessel you wish to charter, the destinations to visit and time you wish to do so.


Every suite maintains a close balance of minimalistic design, home comfort and the latest technology to make our guests visit an unforgettable experience. Discover the main features!

Culinary Arts

Along our white sandy beach are our stylish restaurants and bar. Both restaurants serve the finest masterpieces of French and Italian Mediterranean cuisine.