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House Reef & Diving

Discover Our Spectacular Reef

Diving in Lombok is incredibly exciting even far superior to the diving sceneries that Bali has to offer. The reason for this is partly due to areas that are more protected from the fierce swells of the Indian Ocean. The Wallace line is an imaginary line on the west coast of Lombok were Balinese reefs are divided from the ones in Lombok. This explains the rich diversity of marine and coral life located just meters away from the western coast of Lombok.

Guests will be able to live this thrilling experience by visiting to our Padi Certified Dive Center and making the necessary arrangements in-house. No further than 30 meters from the 7 Secrets Resort’s shore lies a spectacular reef fully inhabited by colorful Marine life and living corals.


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Liquid Art

Our world-class mixology team serves our guests a symphony of taste sensations composed of sustainably grown fresh herbs and fruits combined with premium-quality spirits.